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Grab N Go Carts

Lisa Leggett,   Crisp Co Middle School
Access to Healthy Foods
Grab N Go Carts
Our principal approached us with a breakfast in the classroom idea. I asked him why he wanted BIC and he said that the students who get in trouble start first thing in the cafeteria and if the students went right to class many of these problems could be avoided. Also what I saw is a 45 minute breakfast and only enough seating for 1/3 of the students. This constraint did prevent many of the students from entering the cafeteria to eat breakfast and most schools are designed with this seating capacity. Our school campus is very large and spread out so we knew it would be challenging if not impossible to offer BIC. We suggested a grab n go style breakfast and found 3 places that were ideal due to higher student traffic. The BIC grant helped us to purchase the carts and additional POS devices to execute BIC. The conference calls really helped us to do things like, pre-bag an eligible meal and other things to speed up lines. The school administration loves the reduction in discipline problems as a result of the grab n go breakfast and we love the increase in the breakfast counts. Our daily counts went from 350-380 up to 480-500 daily. Here are some of our lessons learned. We have a consistent 5 day menu that has a hot item and cereal bar choice daily. We pre-bag and set the line the same way each day so students know what to pick up each day from each section of the cart. We pre-bag 4 different combinations so that the pre-bagged breakfast is an eligible meal. This means that 2 grains of cereal and fruit,2 grains of cereal and juice, hot meal option(sausage biscuit for example) and juice and hot meal choice with fruit are on the line in the same section each day.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Our students now come to the carts, pick up breakfast and then go to their 1st period class. The administration says that discipline issues are down and that students are settled in the classroom when the bell rings.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

Yes we are currently starting a competition for students to become state ambassadors by earning points while learning more about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity