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Grant Grizzlies Getting Active in the Classroom

Justin Weinhold,   Grant Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation

We are using our funds at Grant Elementary to encourage students to get active in the classrooms using various sites and sources for quick brain break videos. We are challenging each class to complete 50 videos. Upon completion, they will receive a healthy interactive snack in which they will learn about how to make healthy choices when it comes to snack foods. We kicked off our program in December and have had a great response with many of our classrooms participating (especially on those cold indoor recess days). For the month of December, our school logged 64 videos. Many of the teachers have commented on the positive impact that it has had on their student's ability to move and then get re-focused on their academics.

How did you accomplish your goals?

We accomplished the goal of increasing the brain break opportunities by creating a Google doc that provided quick links to brain break videos and a summary of the age level that the videos would be appropriate for. The Google doc was shared with all of the teachers in a way that allows them to go in and add additional links to some sites and videos that they like to use and were willing to share with others. We eliminated the need for teachers to find the resources and made it easy to access.