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9/11 Memorial Bleacher Climb

Autumn Dickie,   West Hi
Physical Activity Participation
9/11 Memorial Bleacher Climb

The West PE department is holding a 9/11 Memorial Bleacher Climb. This event is being held to honor the 343 firefighters of the New York Fire Department who paid the ultimate sacrifice at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. This year’s Climb will be held in Del Marcel Stadium on Friday, September 11 during all periods of the day. 

During period 3, at approximately at 9:45, Mr.Viste and the chamber orchestra will be playing a very moving rendition of “America the Beautiful.” Physical education students will be climbing or walking the bleachers 11 times...only 1/10 of the equivalent of the 110 stories the heroic firefighters did 14 years ago in the World Trade Center. 

To honor this anniversary, local firefighters from station #3 will be here from 9:40-10:40 and they will be bringing a firetruck and firefighter gear. Students will be able to try on gear and climb steps to gain an appreciation for the weight and heat factors that are involved in a firefighter's day-to-day work. Through firefighter and community participation, we can ensure that firefighters are honored and that the world knows that we will never forget.

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We brought school and community together through a fitness bleacher climb.