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Growing as a Team

Matt Serr,   Elton Hills Elementary School
Growing as a Team

I met with my FUTP 60 student team leaders in order to create posters that will promote the program. We discussed ways to incorporate physical activity in the classrooms. They brainstormed, collaborated, and worked together to make posters and find ways to push physical activity breaks in the classrooms. I had to share this Success Story mostly because of how impressed I was to see them all working together as one unit. I've been on a lot of teams, whether that be sports teams or leadership teams within schools. I've seen teams that don't mesh well together and I've seen teams that are unbelievably and consistently successful. My FUTP 60 team is truly one of the best teams I've been on and their dedication this year will certainly help us achieve greatness.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

I set up the meetings and I expect the students to lead the meetings in terms of their collaboration, actions, and teamwork.