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Gunstream students learn about healthy food choices

Michelle Adams,   Gunstream El
Access to Healthy Foods
Gunstream students learn about healthy food choices
Gunstream staff has been dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our students. In PE and FLEX class, students have learned about sometimes foods and anytime foods. Students have learned to read food labels and spot sugars and other unhealthy ingredients that can hide in some surprising places.

How did you accomplish your goals?

During FLEX, students learn about the importance of exercise and healthy eating. We have used GoNoodle and other sites to get our kids moving! Students have learned about food labels and how to recognize sugars and other unhealthy ingredients. Using examples from everyday foods, Gunstream students were surprised at how much sugar is in their diet. They have learned that sugar can hide in unexpected places as well as what amount is good for kids.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Students have become more aware of healthy food and snack choices. I have had feedback from parents that their children are really paying attention to labels and the amount of sugar they are eating.