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Harvest Luncheon at Union Cross Elementary

Matthew Saldiveri,   Union Cross Elementary
Access to Healthy Foods
Harvest Luncheon at Union Cross Elementary

Union Cross Elementary conducts a yearly Harvest Luncheon. This is a time when students come into the cafeteria and eat a healthy school meal; the meal is served by special area teachers and support staff and consists of a protein, fruit, vegetable, and milk. This event is to teach students the importance of showing respect and appreciation for others during meal time. Upon coming into the cafeteria, students are encouraged to make food donations to Second Harvest Food Bank. Students are dressed in their Sunday best attire. This has been a Union Cross tradition for at least fifteen years. The students and staff look forward to the Harvest Lunch every year.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

We work together to plan the meal, decorate, and coordinate with Second Harvest food bank to bring food donation barrels to the school.