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Hays-Porter FUTP 60 Super Bowl Breakfast

Evelyn Whittaker,   Hays-Porter Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods
Hays-Porter FUTP 60 Super Bowl Breakfast

Hays-Porter Student Ambassadors wanted to celebrate the Super Bowl by having a FUTP 60 Super Bowl Breakfast. They thought it would be nice to make yogurt parfaits and have a variety of milk. They used the milk mustaches to have fun with promoting students to drink more milk. We also had cute mugs that had different sayings on them, e.g. MOOOO, Keep Calm and Drink Milk, and Just Add milk. It was a fun way to motivate students to eat and drink healthy no matter what the occasion is.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

More students are wanting to become a part of FUTP 60. Our younger Student Ambassadors are so motivated and are getting more adults involved and joining our team.