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Hays-Porter New School Year, Awesome Team!

Evelyn Whittaker,   Hays-porter Elementary School
HaysPorter New School Year Awesome Team

This school year has taken off with a blast. We have an awesome para-professional who has taken it upon herself to get her 2nd graders all signed up on the FUTP 60 Dashboard. She encourages them to read and find out how to continue to make healthy choices and how to get 60 minutes of physical activity. She works with them logging on to their Dashboards and helps them understand the questions they are asked on the Mini-Lessons. She motivates them when we have Physically-Fit Fridays and in-class activity brain breaks. She has also joined in on Mentoring Meals Mondays, in which you eat with a group of students and encourage them to eat from all the food groups and encourage them to drink their milk. It's good to see more of the adults at our school getting on board with the FUTP 60 program. The students really are appreciative of her help and getting them signed up for the FUTP 60 program.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

A group of second grade student really wanted to join the FUTP 60 team, so they decided to ask the para-professional that works in their classroom for help.The para-professional was more than willing to help the students sign up for the program.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

I have seen the students taking more of an initiative to check their FUTP 60 Dashboards every time they are in the computer lab. They are reading the different ways to stay active and are able to see what other students are doing across the country.