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Health Classes

Mindy Slaughter,   South Fork Elementary
Access to Healthy Foods

Here at South Fork Elementary every Friday the wellness coordinators go to different classrooms and teach the students about healthy eating. At the end of the lesson, the wellness coordinators show the kids how they can make their own nutritious smoothie with yogurt, low-fat milk, and strawberries! They students love them and like to share things that they like to have in their smoothies including spinach and/or other fruits and vegetables. Along with the nutrition classes, the wellness coordinators also teach other Health classes to fit the needs of the students. We have taught classes on different subjects such as hand washing, germs, and dental hygiene.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

A challenge we faced was making sure that the students were involved with the health classes. To overcome this we added more student interaction to the health classes.