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Healthy Eating Starts at Home

Amy Laatsch,   Tigerton Hi
Access to Healthy Foods,  Community Involvement

This year at the middle school level, we decided to focus on how we can transfer healthy eating habits here at school to home. We all know that if we aren't eating healthy at home, our lessons may not last as long as we like as our students get older. We invited 10 families to the school, to show them the lessons that we are teaching their children here and how they can be applied at night and on the weekends. We partnered with our Extension office and have a crock pot cooking class, . focusing on a healthy one pot and inexpensive meals. We have a large free and reduced population and some of our kids only eat when they are in school. We highlighted how dairy plays an integral role in overall health and wellness as well. It was a great night and hopefully we were able to change the lives of some of our student population.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Our biggest challenge was the outreach to the families. By no means did we want to offend them or their current eating habits. With the help of the FUTP 60 name and overall organization, we found that they very much wanted to participate in a FUTP 60 event. That was the easiest way to get them involved. We have had several requests to do it again!