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Healthy Food and Exercise for Your Health

Telissa Davis,   Mcspedden Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods
Our school hosted a walk at school day in which all students were able to walk a few laps around our building and have a fruit and water afterwards. Students all week were encouraged to bring healthy snacks to school and all the teachers in the building were asked to notice which students were diligent with bringing healthy snacks. All week leading up to our walk at school day, teachers were asked to enter student's names into a drawing each time they brought a healthy snack. At the end of the week, each classroom teacher was asked to draw a student's name from the jar and that student was able to wear a pedometer during the walk at school day. The student and teachers were able to share how many steps were taken and discuss it in class.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Adults (teachers) worked with the students in their classrooms to remind and encourage them to bring healthy snacks so that they could have their name added to the jar and possible be the winner of wearing the pedometers during the walk at school event.