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Healthy Food Challenge

Jill (Olshavsky) Guyton,   Lucketts Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods

FUTP 60 sponsored a Healthy Food Challenge for students in grades K-5. They were to create a healthy meal, make it at home with their family, and then share it with the whole school by following the rules provided! Students who participated received a paper plate and the meal sheet (listing the foods in their meal by food group) in PE class. They had to turn in a food plate and the meal sheet to be entered into the healthy food challenge. The food plates (paper plates) were decorated, colored, and the form filled out. Some took pictures of your meal, others printed out pictures, or drew their food on the plate. They are displayed on the FUTP 60 bulletin board near the cafeteria. The healthiest meals in each category (1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner) were anonymously voted on by the staff and the winners will be announced after the contest is over. The top 3 healthiest meals will earn a FUTP 60 goodie bag the week of March 20th.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Healthier choices made at lunch and breakfast-especially now that we have smoothies on Tuesdays for a breakfast option. This opportunity was given to us by our school district to try in elementary schools who are doing FUTP60, to see if smoothies can be worth the cost to have other elementary schools try this healthy option.