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Healthy Lifestyle with a Running Challenge

Renee Cabrera,   Kitty Hawk Middle School
Make Your Case for Quality Physical Education
Physical Activity Participation
The Kitty Hawk Middle School PE and Athletic classes are focusing on leading a healthier lifestyle. In order to meet the healthier lifestyle challenge, students are trying to eat healthier and run more. PE students have been participating in a running challenge in class. Students were tested on the 400 meter run and out of the 15 classes that participated, over 90% of the students passed on their first attempt. On top of trying to improve their lifestyle in the classroom, Student Ambassadors for Fuel Up to Play 60 have also talked with employees that work in the Kitty Hawk cafeteria to gain more knowledge on what healthy choices are offered to students each day. Students were also able to gain knowledge on how Kitty Hawk helps families and the surround communities. Students have done a great job this year tackling healthier lifestyles! #fueluptoplay60 #fuelupgreatness

What improvements have you seen at your school?

The students have stepped up to the running challenge that we have placed in our PE/ Athletic classes. More than 90% have passed this challenge on the first attempt.