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Healthy Recipe Exchange

Gregory Emerson,   Altoona Intermediate School
Access to Healthy Foods
Healthy Recipe Exchange

On April 5th our FUTP 60 group had a recipe exchange day. Each student brought their favorite healthy snack to share with all the kids in FUTP 60. The kids had to explain what was in their snack, how to make it, and how long it took to make. We wanted to show the kids that eating healthy doesn’t take too much effort or time. The kids loved this so much they want to make it a monthly activity. :)

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students chose the activity and the adults sent out the reminders for kids and parents. We all shared our favorite recipe and were able to sample 12 different types of healthy foods. It was delicious!!

How did you accomplish your goals?

Through careful preparation and several reminders we were able to have a successful healthy snack exchange.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

We had several students that were not in FUTP 60 stop in to see what all the fun was about. Many students wanted to participate in the activity. So we definitely created more awareness about healthy snacks and our FUTP 60 program.