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Healthy Snack Day at Vista Academy

Stefanie Gillett,   Vista Charter Academy
Access to Healthy Foods
Healthy Snack Day at Vista Academy
Each year we host a Healthy Snack Day in our building. This year's event was combined with Reading Month. On March 15th, our students had a DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) and were encouraged to bring a healthy snack to eat while reading. One classroom teacher turned this time into even more. They brought a lot of exotic fruit for the class to try, introducing them to new tastes and textures. They tried fruits like mango, papaya, passion fruit, cheremoya, kumquat, prickly pear, and horned melon. The students had a great time tasting new fruits and sharing their experience with other in our building. Many even went home asking parents to purchase these fruits!

How did you accomplish your goals?

We were able to get families and students to think about the foods they put into their bodies and how these foods make them feel. One classroom teacher even introduced their class to many new fruits.