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Healthy Snacking at East Valley

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Healthy Snacking at East Valley
I'm an Evit culinary second-year student, and I decided I wanted to join the Dairy Council to get more knowledge about the food we were learning how to prepare. I was happy to be one of those people who got picked. Over these past few months, I learned how important it is to make good choices of the food I eat and how healthy snacking can improve your overall health. Here are some reasons why It's important to snack health: It keeps you fuller longer between meals, keeps you focused during classes and activities and from over-eating at meals. I was giving the opportunity to present to the whole class about healthy snacking and what it can do for you. My teacher helped me set up a few things like putting sugar in cups to demonstrate how much sugar can be in drinks such as orange juice and cola. Always think about your drinks and if you are getting the right nutrients you need. After my presentation, my teacher was proud of me and thinks I did an amazing job and so did my classmates. This experience has shown me that just one choice of food can make an impact on your health, so make sure its a smart one.

How did you accomplish your goals?

In the culinary industry, the Dairy Council was one of my goals this year. I was given the chance to learn how to make recipes and how to do the costing as well as planning the menu for a week. I have gained so much this couple of months. Being in the Dairy Council has taught me that healthy eating and snacking are really imported for your health. You need at least have two food groups a day and eat nutrient-rich foods, making sure you snack only when you're hungry.