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Healthy Snacks at Ditto!

Jenny Nations,   Ditto Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods
This year, as a part of our fall field day, we purchased two different kinds of healthy snacks for the school from which to choose. We incorporated a snack and water break for the kids to try the two different snacks. It was a huge hit! The kids loved the snacks. While it might not be one they would have originally chosen at the store, they learned that a nutritious snack can be tasty. We also used the snacks to pass out after our track club that is held on Friday mornings for an after-workout snack. I was very pleased with how well the snacks went over. Especially in the track club, the kids were immediately asking for the snacks!

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

One of the challenges was to find a snack that was not too high in sugar and used whole grains. It needed to meet the requirements for our Healthy Zone School.