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Healthy Student of the Month

Lisa Sagapolu,   Imlay Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods
I made little slips that say "I got caught eating Healthy". The lunch staff hands them out to students they see eating healthy foods such as white milk, fruits, veggies, etc. The kids fill out the slips with their name and put it into a bucket. Once a month, I draw a name out and that student wins "HEALTHY STUDENT OF THE MONTH!" They get their name up on the bulletin board with their picture, which is in a prominent part of the cafeteria. They also get to eat at the 'Cafe Table' during that month. This is a small table in the cafeteria that holds 2-3 students. It is special, as it has a tablecloth, real plates and silverware, a vase with a flower in it, etc. The winner gets to pick a friend to sit with.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

We have a Healthy Student of the Month. We had a school-wide staff and student water challenge.