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Heart Healthy and CPR

Jenny Terry,   Morningside El
The Power Behind the Play
Student Leadership,  Teamwork
Heart Healthy and CPR
This year here at Morningside Elementary we have been focusing on healthy eating to protect our hearts. We participate in the 21 Day Healthy Snack Challenge each year and this really helps jump start my lesson on healthy eating. When talking with my students, several of them noticed adults around them changing how they eat. Some were for weight loss, some for medical reasons, but the most were because their family members needed to improve their heart health. This got me thinking that I could incorporate so much and make the heart such a big deal this year. We always participate in Jump Rope for Heart or The Kids Heart Challenge, so why not carry this on all year!! In learning about our heart and eating healthy, I wanted to make an impact on my 5th graders so they will leave with knowledge that will be useful for a life time. A few years ago, we did have a Cardiac Arrest here on our campus. I was part of the team that conducted the CPR. The outcome was great due to our quick actions and training. This year, I wanted to teach our 5th graders hands-only CPR. We set up the cafeteria one morning and our nurse and I taught the 5th Graders. At first they were a bit nervous and some frustrated, but after practicing they felt confident. They also felt proud that they knew how to possibly save someones' life. Our success this year is having these kiddos feel pride in what they are eating and what they are learning. I want them to leave here having knowledge on how to keep themselves and others healthy for a life time.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

We all worked together. The nurse and I would demonstrate and then get on the floor with the kiddos and make sure they were doing things correctly and confidently.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

I plan on teaching every 5th Grade class each year, from now on.

How did you accomplish your goals?

I saw what interested the kids and took that and found a real life lesson they could use.