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Hello! Hello! Matthew Cordell

Kathy Houston,   Pheasant Ridge Primary School
The Power Behind the Play
Matthew Cordell is a children's author. He wrote the book, Hello! Hello!  In it, he shares the message of too much technology, too many sedentary behaviors, too much not paying attention to the beauty outside in the world along with the wonderful opportunities to enjoy the fresh air, play, move, and follow the blowing leaves. This may not have been his specific connection to Physical Education, Fuel Up to Play 60 and all concepts of exercise, movement and play. Nonetheless, it was ours. In Physical Education and Art class, we read the story. Student and teacher sharing led to important concepts of exercise - FUTP 60. Games and activities relative to a story walk with the book in Physical Education bonded with the wonderful art projects by our third graders of their picture on a selfie/phone drawing with a message on a leaf symbolizing the blowing leaves.  

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Physical activity and games at all levels K-3 representing the same story Hello! Hello! and the messages. Art project in art class at all levels; specific one for the book was shared by 3rd grade. Author visit for the entire school