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Helping The Larger Community

Nicole Miller,   Hillel Day School
Student Leadership
Our student leadership team is currently collecting coins to be donated to the Flint Food bank. The goal is to provide funds so that milk can be provided to the citizens of Flint. In line with or school/community value to perform acts of kindness and do our part in perfecting the world, funds are being collected over a three week period. Facts shared included: Did you know that consuming food rich in calcium can help prevent lead from being absorbed in the body? When it comes to calcium, look for foods that are a high source of calcium (20% or more of the daily recommended value), such as low fat or fat free milk. Experts say, calcium fortifies bones, which is where lead is primarily stored in the body. The stronger the bones, the less likely lead will be absorbed. Research shows that although food cannot rid lead from the body, it can counter some of its side effects. (Jennifer Lowry, AAP Council on environment Health)

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students and staff worked together to communicate to the school community via email, morning announcements, in class announcements and poster making.

How did you accomplish your goals?

By checking in weekly on our progress, the students evaluated what else could be done to increase our collection.