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Highland Park Salad Stars

Lori Danella,   Highland Park Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods
Highland Park Salad Stars
In the process of getting our students to eat more fruits and veggies, we started to challenge them to build the perfect salad; one that they would finish and not leave any waste. We varied fresh fruits, veggies, legumes, etc. We made some unique dressings that included yogurt, greek yogurt, and sour cream. Students learned that a salad could be a healthy side or it could be a healthy complete meal with a carton of ice cold milk. We took pictures and kept rotating them on our bulletin board. Students loved seeing their picture with their masterpieces. What an easy way to get our students to eat more dark leafy greens, more veggies, more fruits and drink all their milk!

How did you accomplish your goals?

We just offered salad items more often. Kept it looking fresh with a big variety. We let students taste items they were unfamiliar with and encouraged them to try something new every time. They loved having their pictures taken and posted on the bulletin board. Our fruit, vegetable and dairy consumption increased over the course of the school year and our food waste with these items went down.