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Hopscotch in the Classroom

Mary Ann Testerman,   Mingo Central Comprehensive High School
Physical Activity Participation
Hopscotch in the Classroom
In working on Fuel Up to Play 60, the Parenting class students realized that they should be doing physical activities with the pre-kindergarten students who visit our classroom each month. They set a goal to add a physical activity to each visit. The first activity they chose was hopscotch on a board drawn on the classroom floor with dry-erase marker. Later, when discussing physical development during early childhood, some of the Human Development students said they still have some problems with hopping on one foot. So we decided to practice using the Parenting hopscotch board.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

Physical activity is now a routine part of lesson planning for the pre-kindergarten visits, with Parenting students participating alongside their younger friends. We continue to find ways to demonstrate/practice the physical skills that we talk about in Human Development. As a teacher, I have become more conscious of opportunities to give students an activity break during long periods of seat work.