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Hot Chocolate Milk with Pat Patriot

Jen Tuttelman,   Pollard Middle School
Success with Funds
On December 20th, 2017 we held a hot chocolate milk event at The Pollard Middle School (7th and 8th graders) to promote our new breakfast cart that we purchased with funds from The New England Dairy and Food Council. We were also promoting our new service of hot chocolate milk every morning, served from the cart. With a ton of guidance and help from the staff at the amazing Dairy Council, we served 600 hot chocolate milks included with the student’s lunch (it counted as their milk component) and raffled off tons of prizes. We also had the special opportunity to have Pat Patriot attend all lunch periods, which was a huge hit. The students were told to wear Patriots gear to school that day but had no idea about our surprise mascot guest. He took pictures, helped give out prizes and was an overall spirit booster to the whole event, We cupped 600+ hot chocolate milks, which the kids grabbed as they purchased their lunches. There were two topping stations set up to top their hot chocolate milks. We had whipped cream, sprinkles and other goodies for them to choose from. One topping station was set up on the breakfast cart. We also set out samples of many of our breakfast choices for the students to try. A local dairy framer was also present and helped a ton handing out hot chocolate milks and talking to the students. Staff and students both had a great time. It was a huge success!

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Our biggest challenge was how to serve the chocolate milk HOT to each student (around 600 servings) through every lunch period with little time in between lunch service. We decided to heat up the chocolate milk in a deep hotel pan in the steamer and then ladle it into 10 oz. coffee cups and lid them. Then we filled sheet pans with the cups and held them in the warmer through service. When the lunch periods started we pulled pans out of the warmer, as needed and put on a center table .