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HP Panthers Love Breakfast

Evelyn Whittaker,   Hays-porter Elementary School
Make Your Case for School Breakfast
HP Panthers Love Breakfast

Our students have enjoyed the fact that they are able to get a Grab and Go breakfast if they missed the regular breakfast time. For the students who do make it on time, they are enjoying starting their morning off right with a healthy breakfast. Our FUTP 60 students have been leading by example. They are more than happy to share with all students the benefits of eating breakfast each day, especially at school. They even make sure they are getting milk with their breakfast and as well as with their lunch. The FUTP 60 program has really motivated more students to make sure they eat breakfast daily!

What improvements have you seen at your school?

More students are interested in eating breakfast daily at school. They also look forward to the Grab and Go breakfast when they make it to school late. They choose milk to drink more often now.