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I Did It!

Denise Yankie,   Peaster H S
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Physical Activity Participation
I Did It!

We have implemented a program in our physical education classes that we call "Stepping Out to Stepping Up for Fitness." Every day as a part of our class routine, we use the stairs in our gym. We use the stairs to warm up, to work on our cardiovascular fitness, and/or as a stair workout along with lifting weights, playing sports, dance, and fitness activities. After three weeks in school, I made a comment to a female student about how good she was looking and that she appeared to have lost inches. Very shyly, she told me (as she grinned) that she had lost over five pounds and had never been able to do that before now. Kudos to all those students who never give up and keep on steppin' up to reach their goal and get fit.

How did you accomplish your goals?

The goals were accomplished by keeping active and keeping moving. Having access to a gym with stairs has really helped to put a more strenuous workout in our daily activities.