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Indoor Recess and Playground Improvements

Lisa Meyer,   Hope Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation

The grant money from Fuel Up to Play 60 was used to paint outside games on the recess playground. We painted, with the help of stencils, Hopscotch, 4 Square, and walking activities that go along with the walking club. I was amazed to learn that many children did not know how to play these games. I have seen an increase in recess participation and movement through out the school. We also created recess bins for inside recess. These consist of Yoga Dots, Hopscotch mat, basketball hoops and stacking cups. The children have become so enthusiastic about cooperative participation during recess.

How did you accomplish your goals?

The playground became a success with the help of parent volunteers and a few student volunteers. It is important to have the support and help of parents and students.