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It's Up to ME to Take Ownership

Stephanie FUGINA,   Phillips Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation
It's Up to ME to Take Ownership
Everyday in PE,  we spend time on our track as a warm up. Students are required to get at least a half mile in 12 minutes. This leaves students many opportunities for improvement. When a student earns a mile in 12 minutes, we have Toe Tags to mark different landmarks. This is a great motivator. One of our students is limited with her weight and lack of muscle. We decided to modify her requirement to one lap around but if she gets two she will also get a toe tag at different landmarks. This has really given her the incentive to try and improve herself and set goals. Once she has one, she can join our activity, so she finishes at about the same time at a fast pace. We are excited to see her excited, moving, and now smiling. Feeling positive has made her want to be present in PE!!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We are using PE money to continue to build our supply. We also included this in Fitness testing when a student earns their mile in 12 or less minutes. We test it twice. This encourages students to use the first time as a personal goal setter.