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Jaguar Pack Attack Cheese Head Challenge

Patty Kestell,   Thorson El
Student Leadership
Jaguar Pack Attack Cheese Head Challenge
In December, our Thorson Jaguar Pack Attack FUTP 60 student wellness team completed an exciting school wide Farm to School cheese tasting play. A small group of my team was in charge of developing the cheese tasting activity from start to finish, and created an eight team bracket of cheeses that our whole school sampled during PE class. They made huge posters for the bulletin board outside the gym, and created a bracket poster to highlight the Cheese Head Challenge. The posters helped get students excited about the upcoming Farm to School play. The group also came up with some morning announcements to share information about the Cheese Head Challenge, and even came up with a creative song they sang at the beginning and end of each announcement. Students sampled two cheeses at a time during the beginning of PE class, and voted for their favorite ones. Thorson students sampled cheddar, Gouda, mozzarella, Colby Jack, Pepper Jack, babyS wiss, string cheese, and provolone cheeses. The winners of the Elite Eight moved on to the Final Four, and then the winners of the Final Four moved on to the Championship match up! The winner of the Cheese Head Challenge at Thorson was Colby Jack! The Cheese Head Challenge was a great Farm to School play for us to do with our Thorson students this year. It gave students a chance to try a large variety of cheeses and to widen their “tastes” for more choices to try in the future with their family meals. A small part of our FUTP 60 team was responsible for developing our Farm to School Play. Having small groups helped my students have a chance to develop their leadership and team building skills on the specific plays and contests, allowed us to accomplish more at our FUTP 60 meetings, and gave students ownership of the FUTP 60 plays. The Farm to School team exceeded my expectations with their creative ideas, their team work and leadership, and their follow through of the Farm to School Play. I loved watching our FUTP 60 team “run” with the Play, and make it fun for our whole school!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The Farm to School Play group decided on which 8 cheeses the students sampled, made Cheese Head Bracket posters, developed school announcements (complete with a catchy song about cheese), helped tally the cheese tasting votes, and updated the leader board on the PE bulletin board. They also did a big announcement to let everyone know which cheese had won the Cheese Head Challenge.

How did you accomplish your goals?

The FUTP 60 students worked together with me to make sure we set up a timeline for the challenge, planned the event, and did a great job building the excitement for the Cheese Head Challenge for our whole school.