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JAM on the Hill 2017

Joe Gallo,   Edgewood El Sch
Physical Activity Participation
2017 JAM on the Hill was a HUGE success. We had a beautiful day in late September and we took advantage of it! Our Fuel Up to Play 60 team members led the entire school in a FUTP 60 Kick Off event we called JAM on the Hill, The student team invited all students, staff, and PTO parents to join us for a movement activity to get everyone excited to move for this year and Play 60! The FUTP 60 team stood at the top and the bottom of the large playground hill. We had popular music and speaker boxes and microphone to help us JAM out and keep the energy up! We choose 7 exercises and dance moves to share with the school. Team leaders announced the exercise and then led the group. Our FUTP 60 team pumped up the crowd during and between exercises to show how much fun Fuel Up to Play 60 can be. The plan was to give the teachers and students a few ideas of how they can take quick breaks in their rooms or outside during the day to keep the students excited to get the most out of their day and stay healthy. The team also reminded the kids that they can join us for Fuel Up Tuesdays for recess, taste events, Grab & Go and breakfast club events throughout the year. The teachers, students, and principal all had a great time and got us off to a great start!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

I meet with our FUTP 60 team members to decide what types of activities we would like to do this year. We focused on those activities which we would like to do to get our school year and Fuel Up to Play 60 started. The Jam on the Hill idea received huge support so we went forward to get principal approval and also get the equipment needed to proceed.

How did you accomplish your goals?

The team then brainstormed ideas of movements that could be done quickly, done by all students or modified if needed and could also be completed in most classroom settings. We came up with our best and then chose seven to keep our time to the amount allowed by the principal.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

Our FUTP 60 team members plan on visiting classrooms throughout the year to encourage physical activity during the school day. The team will advertise events in classrooms and on the announcements. When the team visits classrooms, they will lead the original exercises and others that we came up with on our list. We are excited to keep moving all year and would like to have random prizes for classrooms that follow through and those who attend the most events that we host.