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JFK Cougars Fueling Up to help our Local Community

Cherl Owens,   John F. Kennedy Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods, Community Involvement, Student Leadership,  Teamwork
JFK  Cougars Fueling Up to help our Local Community

J.F.K. Cougars teamed up together to do a canned food collection to help Harvesters, our local community Food Bank, restock their shelves after the holiday. The students were excited about the collection to the point of getting family members and staff involved. They brought in a number of canned foods. One student got a prize due to the number of cans she brought to school. The FUTP 60 team worked together to promote this event and gained a lot of satisfaction out of helping others while working on their leadership skills.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

The students and adults came together to figure out how to get the largest number of canned goods to JFK elementary. The students encouraged the adults and the adults encouraged the students. The adults would bring a canned good for a student if the student could only bring one.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

The idea of helping others makes the whole environment different. The gift of sharing makes the life of everyone around you different.