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Jumping with Howell Elementary

Nicole Rullo,   Rincon High School
Recess Refresh — It's Not so Elementary!
Community Involvement, Physical Activity Participation,  Student Leadership
Jumping with Howell Elementary
Rincon High School FUTP 60 team walked to Peter Howell Elementary School (about 1.5 miles from our school). We played tag, basketball, and taught the students how to double dutch jump rope. Our team got to play with all the grade levels during their recess time. This was the second year we walked to Peter Howell. We already have plans to keep this an annual event and maybe more in the future.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students worked with adults with communicating dates for the event. They filled out the proper paperwork for the field trip and everyone had a job when we went to the Elementary school to play with the students.