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Kickoff Event

Meghann Green,   Fontana El
Community Involvement
Kickoff Event

Fontana held its Kickoff event and it went off as a great success. I explained to the students what the program was, how to get involved, and all the great contests they could participate in. We than moved on to fun events that were all football or healthy eating themed. We had a football relay race where students dressed up as a football player and ran an obstacle course, a quarterback showdown, a touchdown dance competition, a cow milking relay race and a blindfold taste test of different fruits and veggies. At the end, we had the entire school stand up and dance! It got the kids really excited about FUTP 60 and it was great to see them all up and moving as a school.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

I have noticed that so many more students are interested in the program since we held our Kickoff event. They are very excited to be involved and can't wait for our next event.