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Kick Off Event at Fontana

Meghann Green,   Fontana El
Student Leadership
Kick Off Event at Fontana
On September 28th, Fontana Elementary School held its annual Fuel Up To Play 60 Kickoff event. For this year's kickoff event Fontana’s student leader team decided to switch things up a bit and run almost a mini field day that was dairy and football themed. Leaders created 5 stations which included a cheese tasting station where students were able to try 4 different types of cheeses and then vote on their favorite. Marble Jack was voted the best tasting in our school. Students then participated in a touchdown dance station, where each team was able to create a unique, fun touchdown dance and then perform it for the group at the end of the day. Students also participate in a throwing station, and a punting stations where they were able to work on some of their football skills. Lastly, students participated in a relay race station that our Fuel Up to Play 60 student leaders created. Overall, the event was a success and students were active, having fun and eating diary!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

This year, my student leaders helped create and run the entire event. We worked together to come up with different stations that were dairy or football themed. On the day of the event, the students ran the event completely by themselves. They did a great job showing leadership skills and getting the other students involved and active in the stations.