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Kicking it Off in the Northeast Community

Tina Ficklin,   Northeast East Elementary Sch
Kicking it Off in the Northeast Community
This years' Kick Off event included students in every grade level. We invited our high school football team over to our elementary school to help run the event. During the event, you could students doing football driven centers. The centers incorporated movement, healthy eating choices, community interaction, and thinking. This was a win-win for our elementary school and the North Central T-Birds. It was a give and take day for both groups. Our favorite part of the day was when we had the T-Birds have a flossing dance contest. It was all in good fun and promoted healthy choices in our community.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Working together as a team is never a problem at our school. It seems that no matter how difficult it seems to put an idea into motion, we all come together. This event brought together staff, community members, parents, football players, students, and coaches. Each person contributed something. An idea, a joke, a movement, supplies, or just a smile was given by each attendee.

How did you accomplish your goals?

Our goals were accomplished by each person involved taking on a role. Each role was viewed as important by each person involved. Whether your role be as an educator, coach, student, community member or staff member, each role played a part in making the day successful.