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Kingsborough Food Waste Challenge

Cynthia Guerra,   Kingsborough Middle
Food: Waste Less and Enjoy — It's Good for All of Us!
Access to Healthy Foods, Student Leadership,  Teamwork
Kingsborough Food Waste Challenge Students at our campus get free breakfast and lunch daily. Our student team noticed that tons of milk and food items are wasted on a daily basis. Our students decided to focus on the amount of milk being wasted. Students set up buckets during all three lunches and as students were ready to dump their trays, they had them empty any milk left over in the buckets. After collecting the milk from the lunches, buckets were weighed and students were able to calculate how much milk in wasted daily. This was an eye-opening experience for the students on our campus. Not only did they become aware of how much milk they wasted, but also how much fruit, vegetables, and entrees they waste daily. Our student team also decided to begin recycling the plastic utensils, napkins and wrappers used during breakfast and lunch.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students and Program Advisors worked together to see what the needs of the campus were. We noticed how much milk, juice and food is wasted. Together, we came up with the idea of measuring how much milk students waste daily. The team implemented the plan, measured, came up with a total and are now making students aware of what they waste.

What improvements have you seen at your school?

After collecting the milk during the lunches at our campus, the student team calculated how much milk is wasted at our campus. They informed the rest of the students and teachers. Students at our campus are now aware of how much milk they were wasting and are now drinking more milk during breakfast and lunch.