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Lap Tracking

Joe Chavez,   Leo Wm Butler Elem School
Lap Tracking

Butler Elementary students in Fort Lupton, Colorado, have been accomplishing some amazing achievements by fueling up and playing 60 minutes a day this school year. With an energetic Kickoff assembly, students have continued with that energetic drive and have run over 150 miles and are still going strong. Students are coming to PE energized and ready to warm up by running laps. Not ordinary boring laps, but laps with obstacles and challenges that keep them wanting to run more and more! Challenges that push their physical fitness abilities to the max as they leap hurdles, navigate agility hula hoops, dip, dive, zig and zag their way to a healthier lifestyle. Students run and track their progress as they complete lap after lap, resulting in enormous totals and empowering knowledge of accomplishing physical fitness goals.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

We will make the 100 Mile Club Play last through the school year and beyond by continuing to track our laps as a warm-up activity. We will incorporate academic standards of mathematics by graphing and determining distances to elevate student engagement and foster lifelong enjoyment of running.