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Lawrence Elementary, Wichita KS Playing With a Passsion

Blake Taylor,   Lawrence Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation
Lawrence Elementary, Wichita KS Playing With a Passsion

Here at Lawrence we have had a great year adding physical activity breaks during the school day. Teachers have fully embraced the opportunities to provide their student exercise time to bring back their students' attention.  Teachers have used resources such as GoNoodle, YouTube tabata routines, and Wii-Just Dance. Students are also taught other physical activity breaks in physical education that they do for their instant activities, which assist the teacher with suggestions of how to do their favorite activities. We have also taken the opportunity to teach students how they can use their desk to exercise such as: inverted pull ups, incline push-ups, leg raises, trunk lift and partner sit-ups.

How did you accomplish your goals?

Teacher have fully embraced the need to get their student moving and are committed to making it part of their classroom routine. Students have been excited to help the teacher by leading the PA breaks.