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Leominster HS Smoothie Kickoff Event

Michelle Palladino,   Leominster Senior High
Access to Healthy Foods, Community Involvement, Physical Activity Participation, Student Leadership, Success with Funds, Teamwork,  Other
During the month of December, I held a smoothie kickoff event at Leominster High School during lunch time hours. In addition, I coupled the smoothie tastings with the Chartwells’ “Simply Good” food focus of the month: root vegetables. To tie in the smoothie piece, we provided samples of a “Sweet Potato Banana Pie Smoothie”, containing cooked sweet potato, banana, vanilla yogurt, low fat milk and a dash of cinnamon. Throughout the event, I was able to educate students about root vegetables as well as offer smoothie samples. To decorate the table, we had sweet potatoes, rutabaga, jicama and other root vegetables, as well as nutrition information/signage and handouts for students. Teachers and aides were positive advocates for students to encourage participation in trying the yummy smoothie. Students were intrigued by the colorful vegetables scattered about the table as well as the samples and thoroughly enjoyed the smoothies. They revealed such excitement about this nutritious snack and appreciated learning about root vegetables in addition. Many of these students also asked for the smoothie recipe to take home and were enthusiastic to know smoothies would soon be available at breakfast within the school (as was administration). To see the students as well as the adults become energized about health, nutrition and smoothies made all the difference for me. The day was a great experience and success for all involved! Pat the Patriot is scheduled to visit LHS on March 2, 2018 for a second smoothie event!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

As above, students and adults worked together as a team by showing interest in the event. When teachers promoted the healthy samples, students were more willing to give them a try. Also, as teachers advocated for the event, several of the students became excited to learn and try the smoothie samples.