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Let Me Tell You How!

Denise Knapp,   Washington Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods,  Student Leadership
Let Me Tell You How!

During our final parent/teacher conferences for this school year, our student leadership team prepared and presented healthy snack options. This Play had students offering ideas of healthy school snacks, portion control sizing, alternative ingredients, and funny and healthy birthday share treats.  They offered fresh veggies with hummus to those that listened to their ideas. Apples were options for those on the move that were taking paperwork and ideas with them. They talked about using ice cream cones with hummus in the bottom and a fresh veggie selection to create a yummy birthday share treat. Another cone idea was a spoonful of low fat yogurt in the cone with fresh cut fruits to fill. Both options were colorful, tasty, easily shared, and students further discussed how this option was also more cost effective, a total win, win situation. These students used this presentation as an opportunity to share the school wide healthy eating and snack policy that they have helped to create. This will be a policy introduced this school year, and going into implementation in the upcoming school year!

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

Student leaders met together, planned this event, and then opted for parent conferences as the launch. They took their ideas, suggestions, and options directly to the purchasing agents of student school snacks and treats. By presenting and sharing samples, they were able to address taste, presentation, and health all together. This snack policy will be part of the school wide policy for the upcoming school year.