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Let's Move It

Rachel Williams,   Haines Middle School
Success with Funds
Let's Move It

We're on a mission to get our school up and moving in the classrooms! At Haines Middle School in Saint Charles, IL, our leadership team received a grant to purchase brain break equipment for the classrooms. We ordered jumbo-sized Scrabble boards, stacking cups, Jenga games, Chinese Checker boards, playing cards, and curriculum guides to entice teachers and students to get moving in the classroom. Our leadership team put all the equipment together and created barcodes for teachers to scan and checkout the brain break equipment for our LRC. We are displaying all of our equipment on our Fuel Up to Play 60 transit cart in the LRC. Teachers have been checking out and using the equipment for curriculum review days and adapting the equipment to utilize brain breaks in the classrooms!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Our leadership team created morning announcements to advertise our Brain Break Corner and spread the word to their teachers. We also worked with the LRC staff to create barcodes and forms for teachers to fill out in order to check out the equipment. The equipment was also put out on display for the teachers to use during their last school improvement day.