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Longfellow Visits a Dairy Farm

Lynn Nelson,   Longfellow 45-15 Choice Elementary School
Community Involvement
Longfellow Visits a Dairy Farm

In the beginning of May, our 3rd graders took a field trip to tour a dairy farm. This farm is located just east of Rochester, MN. Most of the 3rd graders had never been to a farm. During our tour we saw the milking parlor, the area where most of the milking cows feed and rest during the day, and the calf barn. While we were in the large barn, a calf was born. This was the first time a calf had been born during a tour. We also learned a lot about the farming occupation. Most of the milk at this dairy farm was sold at our local Kwik Trip.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Our students worked together by our FUTP 60 leadership helped with the planning of dairy farm tour. We also had to organized with 70 students all visiting the dairy farm at the same time.

How did you accomplish your goals?

Our goal was to learn more about the dairy industry and understand how it impacts our lives daily. Because farming is so removed from many students, we wanted to give the hands on, close up view of what dairy farming is all about. To give our students the opportunity to see just how the cows were milked and the process through out the day. Our goal was accomplished by a great field trip to a great Minnesota Dairy farm.