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Macomber Milk-It Initiative

Terry Mahjoory,   Alice A Macomber
Farm to School — Know Your Foods
Access to Healthy Foods
Macomber Milk-It Initiative
With a visit down the road, I was able to explore a local Westport, MA dairy farm to learn about and experience their story. Seeing how the farm has developed and how they have taken care of their land to grow and produce their milk was very exciting to share with the good folks here at the MAC! I was even able to bring back some “raw milk” to do a little taste test with some colleagues. Learning about how the farm operates gave us insight to help raise awareness to the great work that’s being done right in our backyard. Our amazing food service staff stepped it up a notch and took that delicious milk we had just learned all about and made one of our hometime favorites...New England Clam-Chowder! With the temperature outside at a blistery 16 degrees, a nice warm-bowl of “chowdah” was just what the doctor ordered. To follow up on our healthy food play, we participated in a school-wide health and wellness fair where we got to promote milk once again to all our Macomber friends and families. We also shared a “Time to Milk-It” creamy herb-yogurt dressing recipe with our visitors, advocating how we can #fuel greatness at home!

What improvements have you seen at your school?

Having learned about the process of producing milk right in our own back yard was very cool! I feel as if students (and staff) have found a new appreciation for milk and farming in general. Students who wouldn’t have normally purchased soup were very excited to try this delicious dish on the menu. We were also excited to share and advocate for the the benefits of drinking milk and the entire FUTP 60 program with our entire school community at our health fair.