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Madrona Morning Running Club

James Roach,   Madrona Elementary School
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Physical Activity Participation
Madrona Morning Running Club
At Madrona Elementary, our school offers before school "PE", where students are able to participate in walking/running on the track while listening to music or jumping rope and dancing in the gym if it's raining. We do this 180 days a school year. With our outdoor speakers, our students and staff get to listen to cool music as they get their morning exercise. Our FUTP 60 helpers not only encourage students to walk and jog on the track, but they scan each student's running card as they complete a lap. This enables us to keep accurate data for each student, class, grade, gender and school as a whole. We reward students for their efforts and display this data (updated weekly) on our "PE Wall" right outside the gym next to the water fountain. Today, our students surpassed 10,000 laps as a school since we have been utilizing our new running cards and scanners. That's equal to over 1,600 miles, or from Madrona Elementary in Seatac, WA to Ozark, Arkansas!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students came up with ideas of different challenges for them to partake in during the morning walking/running club. This included basketball spot shooting contest, standing long jump contest, tetherball tournament, etc. This permitted students to engage in other physical activities if they didn't want to walk or jog on the track. The FUTP 60 helpers ran these stations and I put together the data and displayed results and photos on the wall.