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Make that Change!

Scott Erickson,   Carrollton El
Access to Healthy Foods
Cafeteria duty is the worst, but improved once I started to challenge the kids to make that change to a healthy you. The challenge was simple: pick a food, vegetable or fruit in place of a non-healthy food like chips or ice cream. Since we started in August, the cafeteria staff has seen a rise in vegetable and fruit  consumption, with students eating less junk food. The behavior has also improved, as well as an increase in energy. I believe scores have gone up on tests, but need more time to prove that. Try it at your school and see the results.

How did you accomplish your goals?

We accomplished the goals based on a challenge because all kids love a challenge. There were many talks about the benefits of healthy eating . The kids also challenged each other, which made a big impact on the choices made.