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Making America Healthy Again

Shaylene Parry,   Ogden High
Access to Healthy Foods
Making America Healthy Again
Students participated in a weekly after-school cooking club. Each week they would help decide what to make and then would learn culinary skills to prepare the foods and eat them. They learned to make some of their favorites in a healthy way, like Alfredo using milk instead of cream and using zoodles in place of noodles. They shared their skills and nutrition information at Parent Teacher Conferences, with preschool children and with parents at a cooking night. They also did some catering for our school and community, providing food which included dairy products.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students worked with teachers to plan menus and recipes for cooking club. Students also worked with adults to plan and implement tasting tables at Parent Teacher Conferences. The students also worked with adults in the community to cater some local events. Students worked with adults to provide nutrition lessons in our high school preschool and healthy snacks focusing on dairy for the children.