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Marathon Kids Club at Anaya

Jaime Garza,   Carmen Anaya Elementary School
Physical Activity Participation
We started a Marathon Kids Club, to help our students, parents and community. In this club, the students are able to jog or walk in order to complete a marathon, which consists of a full 26.2 mile marathon. We also teach good eating habits that will give them the energy to help each student reach their goal. We are also involving the parents, by getting them to walk with their children. In this way it becomes a family affair. I tell the students to go with their parents to the grocery store and help their parents to make healthier selections, when it comes to their groceries, snacks, fruits and vegetables. We have been having days when parents come in and walk with their child after school. This way parents and children have some bonding time, where they can just walk and really talk to each other and spend some quality time. Students have told me that both they and their parents have lost weight and now have better communication with each other. Love your program, Coach Jaime Garza

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students got their parents involved to help them reach their goals of finishing 4 marathons. Students also got involved in grocery shopping, so they could take home what they learned and help make healthier food selections.