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March Madness Taste Testing Event

Denise Maloney,   Stambaugh Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods,  Student Leadership

During the crazy month of March people are getting their fill of basketball, the Sweet 16 and Final 4 - we decided to host a 'March Madness' type of taste-testing celebration! Our student team met and they made up 'Brackets' of Fruits VS. Veggies. They selected several different options for each category. Then members of our student team went grocery shopping and selected the food items, researched the healthiest options while also sticking to our pre-determined budgeted amount. The day of our 'March Madness' party, our student team assisted in preparing the food options - we had corn salsa, guacomole, citrus quinoa, hummus with fresh pea pods, and mangos. We then made labels for all the food items and our student team served the food while sharing nutritional information. Students then had the opportunity to vote on their favorites. It was a great way to introduce students to new foods that they may not ever have normally tried in a super fun way! We love March Madness!!!

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Our student team met with our adviser and they selected the menu, did the grocery shopping, set up the event, managed the event, cleaned up and then tallied the voting ballots. It was all student led with guidance of our FUTP 60 Program Advisor.