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Marking Milestones

Bethany Pinzok,   Wattsburg Area El Ctr
This year, our FUTP 60 team is made up of 24 hard-working students. So far this year, the program has held a Pumpkin Run Race, started in class physical activity breaks, added numerous choices to the school lunches, started a daily walking club in the mornings after breakfast, decorated classroom doors with healthy messages and had a wellness scavenger hunt. We are off to an amazing start and excited to finish strong and complete the last three months of school.

How did students and adults work together as a team?

Students and adults have worked together on every project. Adults have facilitated the meetings and programs while the team of 24 students has implemented and created all the necessary steps to complete each project. The students take the lead while the adults help our 4th grade team with paperwork and specials permissions from administration.