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McWillie's STAR Students Get Active

Whitney Liles,   Mcwillie Elementary School
Access to Healthy Foods,  Physical Activity Participation
McWillie's STAR Students Get Active
Our student leadership team led the nutrition part of the grant at our Kick-Off event in September. The students made and served fruit and yogurt smoothies to students and parents to educate them about healthy and delicious snack options. The cafeteria staff was undergoing some changes and they were often under-staffed, so we opted to use the funds by other means. Our teachers already incorporate cooking into their lessons each term, as our “learning houses” have a small kitchen that 5 classrooms share. We carried the smoothies into the classrooms by providing each house with blenders, measuring spoons, and serving utensils. Leftover fruit and unused milk from breakfasts and lunches often provided the ingredients for the smoothies. We also received plantains and bananas during a Crop Drop event that were delicious additions. For the physical activity component, we focused on indoor recess equipment. Our students range in age from 3 – 12 years old (6th grade). When there is only one playground for the entire student body, one group oftentimes ended up “stuck” inside for recess as a matter of safety. Cold weather and rainy days were also a bummer and teachers often struggled for ideas for indoor play. With the grant money, each learning house (grade-level) chose age-appropriate materials and equipment for indoor play. The students are loving indoor recess and are participating in activities from yoga and balance beam practice to jumping rope and playing basketball.

How do you plan to make this Play last during the school year and beyond?

The indoor recess equipment can be used each school year.